Early thoughts on talent development & management of BAME staff in Libraries and Archives

Lately, I have been thinking on the topic of talent development and management in Libraries and Archives. I have also been learning and discovering further the issues that BAME staff face in having a support model for career progression within Libraries and Archives. It would be fair to say that BAME staff are, generally speaking, frustrated with: lack of support; micro-aggressions; inequalities in recruitment; job descriptions that disadvantages them in a systematic fashion; lack of opportunities to develop relevant experience; lack of acknowledgement of potential; and higher expectations from them than that of white colleagues. In some cases, this frustration is growing in anger and most importantly in activism that is generating positive debate and change. Particularly organisations like DILON and individuals have played a critical role in shifting the conversation from discussion to action, and driving CILIP, SCONUL, RLUK, TNA and other organisations to take a strong note and think strategically and operationally about the core issues that led to this lack of diversity and support in the first place. I am extremely pleased that there is an active debate in the sector, and that this has brought this topic to senior leaders attention, but I am also worried

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The importance of good mentoring

For a few days now, thoughts and ideas have been bubbling in my mind about the future direction of research support and digital systems at Lancaster University Library. However, I also noticed that my thinking was overtaken by concerns surrounding the ideas rather than what those ideas would mean in practice. I wasn’t sure what to do next, I was feeling a bit lost and unsure. I did what any good leader would do in a situation of uncertainty, I asked for help from one of my mentors. I have been very privileged at Lancaster University to have not one but two mentors over the past couple of years. One of my mentors is from professional services and the other mentor from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This has helped me tremendously to broaden my exposure and flourish in my capability. Today I want to talk about good mentorship. Good mentors can help you shape your thoughts in your own way. They can take you back to the basics, challenge you and help you question things in the most helpful and appropriate fashion. They help you strip complex ideas into smaller pieces, allowing you to achieve clarity of thinking

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