Early thoughts on talent development & management of BAME staff in Libraries and Archives

Lately, I have been thinking on the topic of talent development and management in Libraries and Archives. I have also been learning and discovering further the issues that BAME staff face in having a support model for career progression within Libraries and Archives. It would be fair to say that BAME staff are, generally speaking, frustrated with: lack of support; micro-aggressions; inequalities in recruitment; job descriptions that disadvantages them in a systematic fashion; lack of opportunities to develop relevant experience; lack of acknowledgement of potential; and higher expectations from them than that of white colleagues. In some cases, this frustration is growing in anger and most importantly in activism that is generating positive debate and change. Particularly organisations like DILON and individuals have played a critical role in shifting the conversation from discussion to action, and driving CILIP, SCONUL, RLUK, TNA and other organisations to take a strong note and think strategically and operationally about the core issues that led to this lack of diversity and support in the first place. I am extremely pleased that there is an active debate in the sector, and that this has brought this topic to senior leaders attention, but I am also worried

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