Covid-19 Experience

I have always said that good leadership is about openness wherever possible and on that note, I want to share my personal journey of dealing with Covid-19 over the past two weeks. On the evening of the 7th of October, I started developing a light cough, and a gentle fever. Henna (my wife) was also not feeling that well since the 5th of October, although her symptoms were primarily tiredness, followed by a bit of change of taste and difficulty breathing. While we were at heightened awareness of Covid-19, we were also taking all reasonable precautionary measures (staying indoors mostly, face coverings outside, hands sanitised/washed, etc) and my immediate feeling was this must be a cold virus. By the evening of the 8th, I started feeling really tired and water started to taste bitter. At this point, both Henna and I agreed to get ourselves tested. We opted for home tests and ordered them on the 8th. Both tests arrived on the 9th morning (fantastic delivery service) and we did the tests on the 9th and posted them back on the same day. Very clear instructions by NHS on how to conduct the test and a really useful guiding video.

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