Tips for developing a successful work relationship with your new (Library) Director

A few people have now asked me about what they can do to develop a strong relationship with their new Library Director/University Librarian (from here on referred to as boss as the same tips apply more generally as well). I will jot down a few things here which might be useful, but please do note that these are my thoughts only and if you want to use any of this advice, don’t forget about your local context. Bandwidth – The bandwidth of your boss is limited and shifts significantly over time. When they start, they are likely to have more bandwidth, they will speak with staff, they will invest more time and effort with you, they will read longer reports, etc. However, once they have established their own networks and work streams, the bandwidth changes drastically. Don’t expect that because they read a 40-page report when they started, that is the acceptable norm. If they have been there for 6 months or over, limit your papers to 2-4 pages at most or ask them what they would want now. Solution focussed – Your boss is interested in knowing if there is a problem, they can occasionally provide advice on how

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