A new chapter

I am starting a new chapter in my professional life. I will be leaving Lancaster University Library after (just over) five wonderful years and would be moving to University of York Library as the Director of Library and Archives. I am really excited, both personally and professionally, and I am looking forward to the new role and working with the wonderful team at University of York Library and Archives. Also, this is a bit of an old news now but it has taken me a while to write this blog post 🙂
This would be the first time I would be working in a converged service environment, called the Information Services Directorate at University of York. My first day would be 13th of August 2018 and at the moment, I am busy finishing things off, ensuring that a good hand over happens for my successor at Lancaster, and trying to get to know the senior leadership team of the Library and Archives at York. This, combined with selling our current house in Lancaster, renting a house in York, and eventually buying a house in York makes it quite a busy but fun time.
I have also been away in Australia for over two weeks during the later part of May and early June. I was honoured to be invited as keynote speaker for the ANZREG conference and developers day at Universities of Adelaide and South Australia, along with multiple presentations at University of New South Wales (Sydney), Monash University (Melbourne), and University of Queensland (Brisbane). I also managed to squeeze in several tourism bits, highlights of which include feeding kangaroos, holding a koala, tour of Oval cricket ground, exploring Manly beach, and seeing the penguin parade at Phillip Island.
On a more personal front, it is Zuhair’s first birthday tomorrow. I can’t believe he is one year old already, time seems to have flown by. Being a father has been an amazing feeling, something that I can’t really put in words. He has made me a more richer person.

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