Reflections from SCONUL Deputies Group A meet up

The second meet up of the SCONUL Deputies Group A happened today at the lovely Hartley Library at the University of Southampton. The deputies group consists of people who usually report to the Director of the Library or the University Librarian position. A lot of the discussion we have in this group is confidential, and we act within a strict code of conduct. The following are a few bullet points from my reflections on the meeting that should be ok to share.

  • The group consists of incredibly talented people. I have not done this much learning from sharing of experiences for quite some time, and I found this very beneficial.
  • We are mostly but not entirely in the same boat.
  • Culture change is an issue regardless of the organisation you work in. A successful culture change takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, a lot of perseverance and a lot of knowledge of what makes people tick. We are all learning that over time.
  • We are all leaders already and want to become more established leaders. Being an established leader mean that you continuously learn and tweak your leadership style without compromising on your core values. We are not afraid to learn.
  • Most of us are facing financial pressures across our services. This raises new challenges. Most of us also don’t have answers to these challenges, but we can share our strategies, thinking and approaches to overcome almost any challenge thrown our way.
  • We are all different in our unique capacities but similar in so many more ways. These similarities provide common objectives, goals, and viewpoints while the differences ensure a healthy diversity of thinking. This will, in the long run, be invaluable.
  • Reflection on your own vision is key to long term success. Some people mentioned the talk I gave at RLUK conference this year and when I listened to it again, I realised that amidst all the operational firefighting, I have slightly lost track on my own vision.

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