#bonington – the journey is only beginning.

Today was the concluding session for the #bonington leadership programme at Lancaster University. For those of you who don’t know much about this particular programme, it is aimed at future and aspiring leaders of the University, building our own capacity to lead from within but also to build the workforce that can instigate change, provide challenge, and encourage diversity of thinking. At the end of the session, Lois, our wonderful convener of the programme, asked how we felt in our individual journeys throughout the programme.
I will be honest. When we started six months ago, we were a group of skeptical (ok may be partly skeptical) individuals who wanted to know more about leadership and progression. We have now become a group of forward looking, emotionally intelligent and empowered individuals who want to work together in many directions. We have not yet transitioned into effective teams, although there have been glimpses of that throughout as well and we are not far off from reaching that stage. Most importantly, we have formed a network of colleagues that we can call upon, that we can share with, that we can rely upon.
I did not realise how emotionally invested I have been in this programme. I feel privileged, humbled, enchanted and thankful. I have garnered a lot of self-belief and a lot of trust in my colleagues. Most importantly, I have a lot of faith in Lancaster University and its future direction. The level of commitment shown by the University has been immense and it is only fair that we can provide a strong return on this investment. I aim to do that!
To everyone who contributed, participated, organised, convened, developed, brought to life the bonington programme, here is a big warm thank you.
The journey is only beginning.

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