DNS configuration – Ubuntu Server with Static IP

I was trying to install Ubuntu Server 12.10 on my shiny new HP ProLiant Microserver. The installation went smoothly with a couple of hiccups that are as follows: First of all, beware of the tiny grey rectangle that shows at the bottom left of your screen when you boot from a USB disk. I was looking at it wondering why this is happening, is it a hardware issue, a disk issue? I created the Ubuntu Server 12.10 image on multiple disks, tested it on multiple machines, then did the same with Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTE. However, every time I boot from the USB disk, all I see is the small grey rectangle at the bottom left of the screen. A bit of Googling helped and I realised that all you need to do is to leave the grey rectangle on the screen for a couple of minutes, then press “Enter”, then leave the next screen for a couple of minutes, and press “Enter” again, and magically the Ubuntu server installation screen would be in front of you. Ubuntu installation used to be easier than this, and to be fair, the rest of the installation was a breeze. Secondly, as with most server installations, I wanted to assign

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