IGeLU 2012 – A brief perspective

The 2012 International Group of Ex Libris Users Conference (IGeLU 2012) was hosted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETH, Zurich) from the 11th to the 13th of September 2012.
I had the pleasure of attending the conference, the pre-conference meetings, and the post-conference PWG meeting. During the hectic schedule of these meetings, I also had two talks to give, for details, see the Talks page.
The conference itself was very useful, both from a personal and professional growth point of view. It clarified to us Ex Libris’s vision, the direction they are heading towards as a company, and how Oxford systems fit in their vision. It also gave us the opportunity to see Alma in action, speak to people who are moving towards Alma, and understand what we need to work on to have a smooth transition to Alma when the time comes for it. The other great thing about the conference was that I finally got to meet a lot of people in person that I knew virtually before.
Another great component of IGeLU 2012 were the excellent talks given by numerous people. This included the excellent keynote speeches and the individual presentations on different topics. One of the things I noticed was that there were several presentations on Primo mobile interface and improvements to Primo Back Office. In a way, I think this is good as it means that the core product itself is fairly stable now and most people are happy with how it works. The focus is slowly shifting on how to improve the backend tasks and interface based issues.
I have also taken new responsibility from this year onwards. I will now be coordinating the Primo-MetaLib Product Working Group for IGeLU. The PWG had an excellent post-conference meeting and we will shortly be bringing some new and creative ideas to facilitate the Ex Libris user community.
I am already looking forward to IGeLU 2013.

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